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The Lastest in Cute

  • There was a little red fire truck in her Easter basket, and she promptly named it Man.  This is the first time she’s named anything, and I didn’t even get it at first because it seemed so random.
  • She has been putting her baby dolls together as a family.  The small one is the baby, the bigger one is the mama, and the stuffed monkey is the papa. 🙂
  • She fell asleep on the way to the zoo and only woke up as she was being carried in.  As her sleepy eyes opened Papa asked, “Do you want to go to the zoo?”  Her head popped up. “Yeah!”  Papa put it best: Zero to zoo in half a second.
  • When Ladybug bumps a head or other body part lightly, she triumphantly exclaims, “I hurt myself, but I’m okay!”
  • As I type, she is playing in the sandbox.  She just said to herself, “I’m tired. I gotta slow down.”

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Too long…

Clearly I have neglected this blog.  Here are a few highlights in our lives:

  • Walking!
  • Talking!
  • Signing!

Ladybug just got back from a week-long (and I mean long!) trip to Gram and Grandpa’s house in Chicago.  We missed her like crazy!

We went out and about today to a puppet show at the library.  Check out the pics:

Click here for more about the puppet show

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9 months, less 2 days…

Pops here.

On Saturday Miss Bug will be 9 months. I maintain that this is going even faster for me than it does for parents who start younger. Ever since age 25 I feel like that scene in Star Wars when they go into hyper drive. Remember that? Still and placid stars in an instant blur into infinite lines and you are hopelessly catapulted into the future, each moment exponentially shorter than the last. I know most of you know of what I speak, but I have a way of stumbling upon “epiphanies” that are basically common sense and common to everyone. I tend to be a little slow…

Enough about me! Booger is crawling around like crazy. She’s so very fast, and even more stealthy; a moments diverted attention and she’s in the kitchen or her room or trying to get out the front door. She pulls herself up onto everything, whether it’s stable enough to support her or not. (papa prays that this trend does not figuratively follow her into adolescence…) She used to pull herself up and then panic when she realized that she didn’t have a clear plan on how to get down. Then she discovered the convenience of a diapered butt. Her Grandmother gets such a kick when baby stands up, looks around for a second, then leans back, and with a little *thud* is on her butt, rolls back to her knees and is off to explore more.

Speaking of Grandmother (yes, she actually prefers that moniker. ha), Boog and I dropped in for a surprise visit to Grandmother’s work yesterday. While she didn’t have long to visit, she was ecstatic. She snatched baby from my arms and proudly presented her to all her employees. Needless to say she was a hit. Grandmother put her on the bed of a tow truck and took a few staged shoots with baby’s hand on a ratcheting tie-down strap. Then papa and baby did some tricks for our captive audience, demonstrating lil’ miss’ strength and complete lack of fear. haha…

Yesterday the family also visited our first daycare. This was a real wake-up for me. My daughter’s going to have to be out in the world, away from our protective hands, with other kids who will demonstrate useful as well as not-so-useful habits, and will be watched over by adults I’m going to have to learn how to trust. But they haven’t seen her every milestone and they don’t know all her little quirks and preferences!!! No no… It’ll be fine, pops. These people are trained and caring; some of these kids are pretty advanced as well. Our daughter is flummoxingly observant, imitating much of our speech and mannerisms. I think being around kids similar in age to her will be better than just staying home will me. Not to mention these facilities often have more educational toys and more room for her to wander around and explore without someone rushing to take something from her or stopping her from eating something. That, and the time… I try very hard to do things with her at home. We read stories, I get down on the floor and play with her… But I’m often tired from working the night previous. And she’s extremely social, which translates to clingy when it’s just me around. If there are others in the room with whom she can freely engage and disengage, she’s a rather independent player/learner. No, this will be good. Thanks for your help talking me through that.     :~P

Booger just woke up, so I’ll have to try and post more another time. Take care!

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Baby in the summertime

Miss Ladybug is sitting on my lap content to babble away about who-knows-what.  She sounds so matter of fact about her nonsense that I could easily be convinced that she knows exactly what she means to be saying.  My heart melts every time she says “mama” even though it’s pretty clear that she isn’t associating the word with me.  It’s just another fun sound to make.

Her favorite thing these days is catching herself in the mirror.  There is a small mirror that attaches to her playpad, and it is hilarious to see her smile so big at a glimpse of the baby in the mirror.  She’ll smile and talk to the baby for several minutes–an eternity in baby time.

It has been a busy summer with new jobs/new schedules, papa-daughter road trips, and more.  And this weekend is our convention!  Yikes!

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10 Days shy of 7 Months….

Apologies for the recent infrequency of posts. This is Papa again. (i’ll probably be doing the majority of posts for a while. mom’s acclimating herself to a new job.)

Ms. Bugg is growing like a cooing, smiley, and very active squishy weed.

She’s on the cusp of crawling. She definitely moves, but it’s more a process of half hands-and-knees, half tummy-dragging army crawl-shuffle. Unfortunately she does most of her learning to crawl whilst crying. She’s getting better, but is still pretty needy and doesn’t like to play alone unless she’s intensely preoccupied.

She does, however, love her rolling walker and will zip across the kitchen floor for long periods all by herself. We initially had sworn to never use one of them as, Mom read, they apparently don’t encourage proper leg strength and development. But, since she’s been not only standing (with balancing aid), but actually pushing herself to a standing position on her own since just after her 3 month mark, we weren’t all that concerned with it inhibiting her leg strength. While I’m cleaning or cooking, she moves all over the kitchen in her little rolling ride. And, despite the carpet, she gets pretty far into the dining room as well. 😀

She’s quite verbal. Usually rather content, if not bouncing and giddily grinning, she rambles and sputters and tries to emulate our speech. She knows her name–even the long form, not just the shortened form we end up usually using when talking to and about her. As a matter of fact, often she’ll respond to her real name before she does the nickname.

“They” say kids start to develop fear of certain people around 6 months. Before that, kids don’t really differentiate between new and familiar faces on a comfort level. Ladybug is either running behind on this milestone or is a born extrovert. You can tell she recognizes people and enjoys seeing them again, and you can also tell when she’s examining a new face of a person holding her for the first time. Either way, people other than mom and dad are a sure-fire way to brighten her up from a grouchy mood. My, that child loves people…

More soon, hopefully…

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4 month update

Ladybug’s 4 month check up went well.  She is up to 13 pounds and 23 inches, which is on the short side and on the chubby side.  Developmentally, she’s on schedule and even ahead on some things.  Keep up the good work Miss Ladybug!

In other news, she has an increasing interest in books and toys.  But her favorite thing is her playpad with the light up star.  She’s still getting to know Buddy, the “lovey” we introduced as a sleep/comfort cue on advice from the No-Cry Sleep Solution.

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Life as a New Parent

We’ve only been home since Sunday, but it feels like it’s been more like a week already because of our mixed up sleep cycles.  Everyone always says to sleep when the baby sleeps, and we are getting used to trying to make sure that one of us is doing just that.  Newborns do like to sleep a lot, but my newborn likes to be held while she sleeps.  We’re hoping she grows out of her refusal to be put down.  Or maybe we should just learn to hold her in our sleep….

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