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We made progress!  We were 2 centimeters dilated, and the doctor has proclaimed that we are “ready.”  We had the infamous “vigorous exam,” and the doctor said we could go tonight.  We’ll see!

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Zero days left

Happy Due Date!

No baby yet.  Just lots of people checking in to see if we’re parents yet.  Hopefully she makes her appearance soon because everyone is getting really impatient.  🙂

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Still getting bigger


This is me at 38 weeks 5 days.   I keep thinking I can’t get any bigger, but time keeps proving me wrong.

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The Internet is full of tips for inducing labor for all those moms-to-be at the same stage of pregnancy that I am: the stage where we’d really like it to be over.  My doctor says that none of the old wives’ tales really work, but I must admit that I’ve been taking the stairs down from my sixth floor office for a few weeks now, just in case what those old wives say about stairs is true. 

They all sound so good though.  So believable.  Apparently there is an enzyme in pineapple that causes the cervix to dilate.  Sound great, right?  I love pineapple.  In fact, I was really craving pineapple a few weeks ago, and when I finally got some, it was amazing.  But apparently, I’d have to eat about eight pineapples for it to change my cervix.  No, thank you.

Lots of people swear by castor oil.  And I even know a couple of people who used it effectively.  But those who want to try that should be aware of the how behind the idea.  Castor oil is a laxative.  It cleans you out and dehydrates you pretty significantly, and the dehydration will likely cause your body to go into labor.  Not the prettiest way to get it done.

But some women will say that anything’s better than getting induced with Pitocin.  The word on that is that it’ll make your contractions come faster and harder.  Though there are plenty of women who didn’t feel that their medical induction made labor any worse. 

We all have our own experiences, I suppose. 

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The Perfect Name

One of my most-asked questions this half of the pregnancy has been about the name.  And I dread the disappointed response I get when I say that we are not sharing our names.  There is a part of me that would love to talk names with everyone.  It’s interesting to hear what other people like and dislike, and I’ve always been fascinated with names.  But we quickly came to the decision that naming our child was going to be a personal thing between just the two of us. 

And we really haven’t spent much time talking about the names we like.  I think we both just felt that the right name wouldn’t be agonized over.  It would just happen.  Only a couple of weeks ago, I started to feel pretty panicky that we didn’t have a name that felt like “it.”  The names we liked were more process of elimination than names that felt just right.

I got to be paranoid that we wouldn’t be able to decide when it came down to it.  Or that we would decide impulsively and regret it.  I frantically searched through lists of names for the name.  Popular Names.  Traditional Names.  Biblical Names.  Ethnic Names.  Anything that might be new and strike the right cord.  Only… I really just kept coming back to the few names we’d had on our minds since the beginning.

And I remembered why I liked those names in the first place.

And it seemed like one of those names just might be the “it” name after all. 

We’ll see what we decide when we meet the little one.  I sure am curious to see who she’ll be.

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38 weeks

Still here!  No baby yet…  We had an appointment on Tuesday last week because of the holiday.  There was no change in my dilation or effacement, but my cervix had softened since the last check.  There’s progress.  It’s just a little slower than I would like.  We’ll just keep waiting, I guess.

Also, another two pounds for me. 

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37 weeks

Our 37 week check up went well yesterday.  Things are progressing, but not very quickly.  So we’re probably not having a baby this week, though you never know!

Meanwhile, I need to get my hospital bag packed and try my best to stop eating all this candy we have at work.  I gained two more pounds this week!  While my weight gain overall has been great, I really want to keep it that way for the last couple of weeks.  But the chocolate is so hard to resist…

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