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We made progress!  We were 2 centimeters dilated, and the doctor has proclaimed that we are “ready.”  We had the infamous “vigorous exam,” and the doctor said we could go tonight.  We’ll see!


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Zero days left

Happy Due Date!

No baby yet.  Just lots of people checking in to see if we’re parents yet.  Hopefully she makes her appearance soon because everyone is getting really impatient.  🙂

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38 weeks

Still here!  No baby yet…  We had an appointment on Tuesday last week because of the holiday.  There was no change in my dilation or effacement, but my cervix had softened since the last check.  There’s progress.  It’s just a little slower than I would like.  We’ll just keep waiting, I guess.

Also, another two pounds for me. 

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37 weeks

Our 37 week check up went well yesterday.  Things are progressing, but not very quickly.  So we’re probably not having a baby this week, though you never know!

Meanwhile, I need to get my hospital bag packed and try my best to stop eating all this candy we have at work.  I gained two more pounds this week!  While my weight gain overall has been great, I really want to keep it that way for the last couple of weeks.  But the chocolate is so hard to resist…

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Just practicing…

Well, at 36 weeks, the little miss could certainly be born if she wanted to, but yesterday was not the day.

We had our very first false alarm, of sorts, when I called the doctor’s office with a question.  They told me to come in for a test, just to be sure.  “If there’s a question, we want you to come in,” she said.  So we went.  We spent a couple of hours hooked up to machines and got all checked out.  Turns out I was not in labor (which I had figured out on my own…), but I was having mild contractions.  I didn’t feel anything, but the fancy hospital machines don’t lie.  Also, I’m 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced.  We’re making progress!

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35 Weeks

At 35 weeks, the average baby is about 5 ½ pounds and 18 inches long.  Her lungs and kidneys are fully developed, and basically she’s just putting on weight now at a rate of ½ pound a week or so.

At 35 weeks, this average mama-to-be is tired and achy but getting excited.  Only 5 weeks from here!

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34 weeks

From eMedTV Health Channel:

Fetal development that is occurring around week 34 of pregnancy includes the following:
– The skeleton hardens, although the head remains pliable to maneuver through the birth canal
– The skin becomes less red and less wrinkled
– The toenails are present, and the fingernails have reached the tips of the fingers
– Your baby is developing immunities to fight mild infections.

Only six more weeks til my due date!  How did it go so fast?  I’m definitely in the home stretch though–I’m tired and achey enough to be ready to be done being pregnant.  But mostly I’m just excited to meet the little miss!

My first baby shower this weekend!  I’m so excited!

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