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A pajama weekend

After a week of feeling especially run-down and blaming it on not yet being used to working full-time again, I found myself with something that felt a lot like the flu Thursday evening.  Turns out it wasn’t the flu.  It was mastitis.

We spent the evening at Urgent Care waiting for a diagnosis, which is the last place I wanted to be with my increasing temperature and nausea.  But there I was.  Too sick to even be much of a help with Ladybug.  Her papa was great about keeping her busy and quiet in the waiting room (for two hours) and while we waited for my prescription, which was so helpful.  And he has been great about helping me to remember to take my antibiotics.  What would I do without him? 

It was a pajama weekend, but I’m back at work today.  Almost back to 100%. 

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More Tips…

  • Choose your pediatrician before the baby is born.  I got distracted by the end of my pregnancy by my own discomfort and forgot all about this.  The on-call pediatrician gave her a once-over at the hospital, and we just made an appointment with a family practice doc for her one-week check up.  But we have yet to find a permanent pediatrician for the baby, and I would have so much preferred to have someone selected from the beginning.
  • Don’t try to get into non-maternity clothes too soon.  I still haven’t touched anything I couldn’t wear while pregnant.  On that note, have some maternity clothes that you won’t mind wearing afterwards. 
  • Nursing bras that cost $12 are worth $12.  Don’t cheap out like I did. 

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  • Every pregnancy is different so don’t panic when yours isn’t progressing just like your friend’s or when your friends’ advice doesn’t work for you.  I needed a heating pad and a back massager to get through pregnancy.  Other people will swear by special pillows or something like that.  Try stuff out and see what works for you.
  • Be flexible.  I really wanted a natural birth, but it didn’t turn out that way.  And that’s all right.  Keep in mind that it doesn’t always go like you think it will and make sure you’re okay with that.
  • Don’t stress about packing your hospital bag.  In fact, fill it with clothes for your partner to wear because you will likely stay in your hospital gown. (Mine was a cute nursing gown with pink flowers not the typical open backed gown you might think.  A friend who visited me in the hospital actually complimented me on it thinking that it was mine from home.)
  • The first few days of nursing will be difficult.  Just know that going in.  Bring a nursing pillow with you to the hospital, and don’t be afraid to call a nurse to help you every single time.  Have a pump ahead of time in case you are advised to supplement nursing with expressed milk as I was.  Also, expressing milk will allow you the peace of mind that your baby is actually getting milk.
  • On a similar note, rooming-in with the baby is ideal, but don’t be afraid to put the baby in the nursery if you need to sleep for a couple of hours.  It was absolutely necessary for us.
  • Accept all gifts and hand-me-downs graciously even if they aren’t what you think you’ll use.  You never know what your baby will want. 

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