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The demise of the pacifier

Barely two weeks into parenthood, we made our first big compromise.  The pacifier.  I never wanted to use one.  It seemed—in my idealistic days before becoming a parent—the lazy choice.  Just comfort the baby, I thought.  Don’t use a prop when all they want is your attention.  That was before I had a baby who seemed like she could suck endlessly.  Ladybug was a dream in her first months.  She only cried when she needed something and let us sleep most nights.  But she really wanted something in her mouth pretty much all the time. 

Enter the pacifier.  But not so fast!  I had specific restrictions.  First of all, we were going to call it what it was.  No cutesy names in our family.  A pacifier is a pacifier.  (Though as time went on we were lax and occasionally called it a nook or a paci.)  She was not to fall asleep with it in her mouth. (This lasted about a day.)  And most importantly, we were never supposed to just pop in a pacifier to make her be quiet.  It was only for the times when she wanted something in her mouth but it wasn’t time to eat.  Let’s face it, of course we used it more than we should have. 

But those days are gone.  Who needs a pacifier when you have fingers?  Sometimes the thumb, but usually the whole darn fist.  Part of me is glad that she doesn’t want the pacifier anymore.  But part of me misses the quick fix that always made her happy.  Now we’re back to running through the checklist of possibilities when she’s fussy with no back up when mystery fuss befalls my little ladybug.


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