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The Lastest in Cute

  • There was a little red fire truck in her Easter basket, and she promptly named it Man.  This is the first time she’s named anything, and I didn’t even get it at first because it seemed so random.
  • She has been putting her baby dolls together as a family.  The small one is the baby, the bigger one is the mama, and the stuffed monkey is the papa. 🙂
  • She fell asleep on the way to the zoo and only woke up as she was being carried in.  As her sleepy eyes opened Papa asked, “Do you want to go to the zoo?”  Her head popped up. “Yeah!”  Papa put it best: Zero to zoo in half a second.
  • When Ladybug bumps a head or other body part lightly, she triumphantly exclaims, “I hurt myself, but I’m okay!”
  • As I type, she is playing in the sandbox.  She just said to herself, “I’m tired. I gotta slow down.”

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