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Also about yesterday

Another reason yesterday was exciting…  it was our third wedding anniversary.  No, we didn’t go out or do anything special.  But it was special anyway.  I was just happy that my wedding ring fit again.  I’d missed wearing it.


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Yesterday was a pretty big day for Ladybug. 

 I made her very first doctor appointment for later in the week, and after speaking with a nurse about my concerns, we decided to take her in that afternoon just to be on the safe side.  Call me a paranoid new mom if you like, but my baby had very chapped lips and a dry mouth.  Not to mention, she hadn’t pooped since we brought her home.  I was convinced that she was dehydrated.  But the chapped lips and dry mouth cleared up on their own just before we saw the doctor. He told us to keep feeding her regularly.  His suggestion was to pump milk and offer her both breast and bottle in the same session.  We’ve been doing this, and we’re no longer concerned about her not pooping enough. 

It’s funny, you know you’re a mom when you say the phrase “Oh, I’m so glad you finally pooped!”  I believe this means I’m lost to the world of mom-dom.

The other big event of yesterday was that her cord stub fell off.  It hung on by a thread most of the day, and then it was off.  My little girl is growing up!

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