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The Papa-to-be

I will post soon about the shower this weekend, but first I wanted to say what a wonderful husband I have.  While I was out of town this weekend, he took it upon himself to get a few things ready for the baby.  I was so excited to see the crib all put together.  It looks perfect in the corner of our room just like we planned!  And the glider rocker sits in the corner of the living room just waiting for a baby to rock.  It really makes it so real to have our house reflect the baby’s soon-to-be arrival! 

But the best part: he bought me a back massager.  It was amazing after a six our drive in the car yesterday to come home to my very own back massager.  With this thing, I think I will actually survive the rest of this pregnancy with minimal whining.  So it’s kind of a gift for both of us.  🙂

 Isn’t he great?


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