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Baby’s New Clothes

babysocks.jpgbabysocks.jpgThank goodness for hand-me-downs! 

Thanks to my in-laws and the great hand-me-downs they gave us, I’m now feeling a little more prepared.  The Little Miss will have a decent wardrobe to come home to, including shoes.  She has blankets galore, and even a vibrating chair–I’ve heard from many parents that this item is essential.  I haven’t even gone through the 3-6 month size clothes yet. 

Between hand-me-downs and gifts we’ve gotten, she’ll be one well-dressed little girl.  But I have to admit, I’m coveting this “Born in 2007” onesie and hat from Old Navy and these mary jane socks.  I’m not sure where to get the socks, but how adorable are they?!  I just love them!

bornin07.jpg  babysocks.jpg

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