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Essential Baby Gear?

The nurses ay my clinic have repeatedly told me the same advice, “Babies don’t need much.  Something to eat.  Something to wear.  Somewhere to sleep.  Diapers.”

But you walk into Babies R Us, and you see so many “essentials” that I start to wonder what really is essential.  Some Parent Dish bloggers are offering their opinion on the subject, but I admit I have my own opinions.  I’m really trying hard to only purchase what we’ll need and avoid the extraneous items that consumer culture tries to put on us.  But, of course, I’m a first-timer, so I’m learning as I go…

The one item required by law that we have for the baby is a car seat.  Thanks to my FIL and SMIL, we’ve had one ready and waiting for months.  We have also registered for the matching stroller.  I know that too much sitting in a car seat/stroller isn’t good for baby’s circulation, but moderate use will be okay.  And so very convenient. 

As for something to eat, I’m planning to breast feed, so all we’ll need is for me to be there.  But I have heard that the Boppy pillow is extremely helpful to breastfeeding moms.  Not essential, I suppose but certainly a nice-to-have item. 

 I posted before about the proposed sleeping arrangement in our house regarding the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper.  I am still really interested in the product, but I am debating about whether it is an essential.  I don’t want to create extra steps where none need be, but I do feel strongly about having the baby close for the first 4-6 months.  We are not prepared to co-sleep in a traditional family bed arrangement, but we do like the “sidecar” idea.  I suppose I have some thinking to do on that item.

Some things I do not consider essential is anything with a character stamped on it.  We feel quite strongly about creating a commercial-free atmosphere for our little miss for as long as we can.  So we will try to avoid clothes/toys/gear that advertise.  My baby is not a billboard for your brand. 

Also, Baby Einstein toys are great, but videos for infants?  No way.  I’m extremely skeptical of bouncers, walkers, and exersaucers because they inhibit exploration (though I understand that there are times when you need to keep the baby in one place) and can hinder learning to crawl/walk.  If we decide to purchase some sort of exersaucer, I would want to use it carefully rather than regularly. 

I guess we’ll see what we need when the little miss gets here.  Meanwhile, we should start stocking up on diapers!

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