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Week 30

7 months down, 2 to go.  How is that possible?  This is going much, much too fast for me.  Two days ago someone told me that I didn’t look big enough to be that far along, but I feel huge.  Check out this Tummy Gallery on Baby-Gaga.com to see lots of different 30 week tummies.  Some are much bigger than me, some are much smaller.

Baby is growing and moving a lot.  According to various descriptions this week she could be over three pounds and 15-16 inches long.  She’s very active in there, which is just fine by me.   As long as she’s moving, I know she’s doing okay in there!

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, but I’ve changed from reading pregnancy and parenting books to reading about labor and delivery.  Though we were unable to find a Bradley class that worked for our schedule, we have started doing the exercises in Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way


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What 29 weeks looks like


This was me at 29 weeks 3 days.  The funny part is that isn’t even a maternity shirt.  It’s just a size larger than I usually wear.  I can’t believe it still fits.

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