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27 Weeks

27 weeks down, 13 to go.  It’s hard to believe I’m already in my third trimester.  The second trimester has been great, but they say that the third trimester brings back some of the woes of the first like being tired all the time and back pain.  I can definitely say I’ve been feeling those things.  I’ve also been feeling short of breath because my uterus is moving closer and closer to my rib cage, crowding my lungs a bit.  Totally normal, if a little annoying. 

But the big news is that, at least according to one web site description of 27 weeks fetal development, the baby is now starting to be able to recognize mama and papa’s voices.  How exciting!  We’ve been reading, talking, and singing to her for a while now, and it’s nice to think that she’s getting to know us.


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Even bigger


26 weeks, 6 days

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