• There was a little red fire truck in her Easter basket, and she promptly named it Man.  This is the first time she’s named anything, and I didn’t even get it at first because it seemed so random.
  • She has been putting her baby dolls together as a family.  The small one is the baby, the bigger one is the mama, and the stuffed monkey is the papa. 🙂
  • She fell asleep on the way to the zoo and only woke up as she was being carried in.  As her sleepy eyes opened Papa asked, “Do you want to go to the zoo?”  Her head popped up. “Yeah!”  Papa put it best: Zero to zoo in half a second.
  • When Ladybug bumps a head or other body part lightly, she triumphantly exclaims, “I hurt myself, but I’m okay!”
  • As I type, she is playing in the sandbox.  She just said to herself, “I’m tired. I gotta slow down.”
  • Every time she walks by the fridge, she sees the letter magnets and exclaims “Look at all these letters!”  Every time.
  • When she was being very careful with something this morning, she said “I’m carefulling.”
  • She called the antennae on a stuffed caterpillar “pony tails.”
  • She introduced me to all of her preschool classmates by name. She finished by announcing “And this is Mama!”
  • At a funeral this week, we were standing for a prayer.  When my husband and I clasped hands, Ladybug stuck her little hand between ours.

Preschool Girl

Ladybug started preschool today!

I can’t describe how excited she was well enough to do it justice.  Suffice it to say, she was eager to go and not at all upset when we left.  She seemed to be happy to see us when we picked her up, and her teacher had nothing but positive things to say.  Best of all, Ladybug fell asleep almost immediately at bedtime.  That so rarely happens……

Ladybug Games

Ladybug has discovered some new activities recently.   She had mostly been ignoring her dolls until the last month or so when she realized all the different things she can pretend with them.  Now her dolls dance, clap, nap, and even need their diapers changed.  I am excited about getting her some doll acessories to enhance her imaginative play.  A stroller, furniture, and whatnot. I think she would love it.

Her latest love, though, is scribbling.  Crayons, pens, pencils.  Loves them all.  We went to IKEA the other day, and I saw this easel that I would love to get her:

Here is a picture of her engaged in her favorite activities (scribbling and standing on a chair at the table) while wearing her tutu:

Talking Away

This morning I got my regular “Your toddler this week” email, and it mentioned sentences.  Funny how those emails always seem to be exactly on track with what Ladybug is up to.

The last few months have been word explosion around here, which I may have mentioned before.  She has a ridiculous number of clearly understandable words and even more that seem to mean something that we haven’t figured out yet.  But in the past couple of weeks, she has started putting words together to make little sentences.

“Go get”

“Your turn”

“Where’s/There’s Papa/Mama”

et cetera.

We are so proud!  🙂

On the move

Ladybug took her time getting around to walking. She seemed on the cusp for months, but she didn’t take her first independent steps until she was 13 months old.  And those steps didn’t quite take.  Crawling was so much faster that walking hardly seemed a better option.  Now at 15 months, she’s finally walking more than crawling.  And quite frankly, it still seems so surreal to see such a little person just get up and take off on her own two feet.  🙂

Too long…

Clearly I have neglected this blog.  Here are a few highlights in our lives:

  • Walking!
  • Talking!
  • Signing!

Ladybug just got back from a week-long (and I mean long!) trip to Gram and Grandpa’s house in Chicago.  We missed her like crazy!

We went out and about today to a puppet show at the library.  Check out the pics:

Click here for more about the puppet show